A film by Dan Chen

A crew of documentary filmmakers hits the streets of New York City to follow Dragon Combat Club, a grassroots self-defense organization formed in the wake of brutal anti-Asian attacks. The film they made explores community solidarity, self-expression, and the fundamental right to be safe.

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In April 2020, a collective of experienced BIPOC martial arts practitioners formed a training group over Zoom in order to train during lockdown, and to prepare against a surge of anti-Asian attacks. Shortly after its inception, Raymond Long, one of the group’s original members, passed away prematurely. The group named itself Dragon Combat Club (DCC), after the meaning of Raymond’s surname (龍), to honor Raymond’s memory.Throughout the years, the club has transitioned to in-person training, introducing newcomers to its unique and ever evolving blend of martial arts (coming from sources including but not limited to Wrestling, Thai Boxing, Filipino Martial Arts and Jiu-Jitsu). DCC has also fundraised for self-defense tools, and taught the community how to use them. DCC’s training and equipment has reached thousands of people in New York City.DCC hopes to transmit its values of direct action, community, and solidarity to future generations. While DCC was created in response to violent anti-Asian racism, it has and will always accept people from any background who are choose to live by our values and our mantra:Survive, Help Others Survive
Protect The Vulnerable
Empower Them
Become The Solution
That Is The Way

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